Parashat Chayei Sarah (Live of Sarah) Genesis 23:1-25:18 ; Haftarah: I King 1:1-31


Parashat Chayei Sarah (Live of Sarah) Genesis 23:1-25:18

Haftarah: I King 1:1-31

In this week’s parasha Sarah dies and Abraham realizes the people of the promise need a new matriarch. In a similar manner the prophetic passage speaks of the imminent death of King David and the need for a new king. Even though the decision had been made that Solomon the son of David and Bathsheba was to be the next king, Adoniyahu decided to take the throne. The prophet Nathan and Bathsheba knew the true will of David, who at this time was old and frail and confined to bed.  What should Nathan and Bathsheba do? Their response is a good example that trusting G-d does not mean waiting and doing nothing, believing that G-d Himself will take care of the problem. Faith often times means responding and doing what is in one’s power to do to solve the problem.

It was Nathan who, when he heard about Adoniyahu’s power grab, went and spoke to Bathsheba and counseled her on what actions to take.

Nathan spoke to Bathsheba and said, “…So now come and I will counsel you now and save your life and the life of your son Solomon.” I Kings 1:11-12

When one reads the account from the Bible concerning this matter it is clear that Nathan devised a plan to convince David that he must act to enforce his previous decision concerning Solomon as the heir to the throne. In fact, Nathan staged a conversation between David and Bathsheba, in which he would come and interrupt their meeting with the news that Adoniyahu had taken the throne.  Adoniyahu’s actions were against the promise that David had just reconfirmed to Bathsheba that Solomon would reign after him.  Now David would be forced to take action to make good on his word.

I like this passage because it speaks loudly to those who say I am trusting G-d, when in actuality they are simply too lazy to take action themselves in order to stand up for what is right. Too often I have seen evil prosper due to an improper understanding of spirituality.

Shabbat Shalom    

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