PA Pursuing More Criminal Court Charges Against Israel

The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to slander Israel on the international scene by actively pursuing lawsuits against it at the International Criminal Court (ICC).  The PA is very skilled at fighting a media war against Israel, by spreading propaganda and lies through various venues, and by gaining the world’s sympathy towards itself.  This is very damaging for Israel, and Israel is not winning this propaganda war.  Please pray that Israel will grow stronger in this area, and combat lies with truth.  Please also pray that the Lord will frustrate the plans of the PA, which clearly has no intention of negotiating peace with Israel, but instead desires to bully Israel into acquiescing to its unrealistic demands for land.  Lastly, please pray that as Israel becomes more isolated from the rest of the world, that individuals will have the courage to stand for her and for God’s plan through Israel in these last days.

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