Opposition Announces Boycott of Controversial Vote

The battle surrounding controversial changes to Israel’s judiciary continues to intensify as the countdown begins to a vote Monday evening and Israel’s president presents a last-ditch compromise proposal to Knesset party leaders.

The day began with thousands of protesters – many of whom camped in Jerusalem since Saturday night – attempting to block the entrance to the Knesset building. Police use water cannons to disperse the protesters and have already arrested many for disturbing the peace. Numerous big corporations, including major shopping center chains also announced their closure Monday in support of the protest movement.

The debate preceding the final vote is set to begin at 4pm this afternoon (Monday).

Please pray for last-minute compromise between the lawmakers! Please pray for peace and unity in Israel, and for safety for police and protesters alike. Lastly, please continue to pray for Israel as a whole during this time of internal conflict.

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