“Comfort, O comfort My people,” says your God.” Isaiah 40:1

“Protective Edge” enters its fourth week; the IDF continues its fight against terrorism from the air and also on the ground.  There was yet another infiltration of Hamas terrorists from an underground tunnel into another kibbutz bordering Gaza. The IDF again acted quickly to neutralize the threat, and prevented an attack. Rockets continue to fall in Israel from Gaza, and there is mounting pressure on Israel to accept an “immediate and unconditional ceasefire”.  Civilians in Gaza continue to needlessly die, as Hamas uses them as shields in the war.  Hamas refuses to stop attacking Israel and continues its attempts at infiltrating Israel in order to carry out terror attacks.

The Israeli communities bordering Gaza are still incredibly dangerous, and people cannot return to their homes. Children especially are scared to death to go home, in light of recent underground infiltrations by Hamas terrorists.

Hope for Israel continues its Operation Restoration ministry to help those who are suffering and have been harmed by this recent war. The needs continue to mount, and there is no guarantee this conflict will end soon. We need you to stand with us more than ever, as we help these people in their time of need.

We have evacuated over 300 people from two communities bordering Gaza, and have provided essentials for over 3,700 people throughout the country, in addition to care packages for 1,200 soldiers on the front lines.

The continued expense of providing shelter & food for these people is immense!  We are in need of additional funds for food, temporary shelter, basic needs, and transportation to help those affected.

Please join us in bringing God’s comfort to those who are in need in the Land! So many Israelis have been blessed by this outreach of love…let’s continue to be His hand of mercy! Invest with us now, and know that your gifts will be used effectively, efficiently, and entirely to help those in Israel who are being harmed by this war.

Thank you for your financial support and please keep praying!

Moran and the HFI Team

PS: You can help by donation through this online link or by sending a check payable to:

Hope for Israel, 925 N Courtenay Parkway Merritt Island, FL  32953-4559