One Fourth of Israeli Households in Poverty

A prominent Israeli non-profit organization recently reported that almost one fourth of Israeli households are in danger of falling into poverty. The lower end of Israel’s disappearing middle class has been especially hard hit by the pandemic. This number is up 14% from the pre-pandemic figure. Rising inflation coupled with the inability to recoup losses since March 2020 are partially to blame. In addition, the astronomically high cost of living in Israel and salaries too low to compensate for it push more families into poverty every year. Food costs are a whopping 25% higher than in the European Union, and food insecurity is a real concern for many families in Israel today. Please pray for families who are struggling to provide basic needs, that they would get relief in some form. Please also pray that the government will ease the strain on Israel’s high cost of living by lowering the VAT, which currently stands at 17%. Lastly, please pray that those who have will help those who do not have, and that we would care for our neighbors in their time of need.

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