On the Brink of Civil War

Israel is not only being attacked from Hamas, but is falling apart from within. Tensions between Israeli Jews and Arabs are incredibly high right now. Numerous riots have broken out in Arab towns as well as towns with mixed Jewish and Arab populations. The well-known town of Lod in central Israel, which is home to thousands of Jewish and Arab residents, is under a state of emergency. On Wednesday night, riots took place in Jerusalem, Haifa, Lod, Tiberias, Acre, Umm al-Fahm, Bat Yam, Jaffa, Jisr a-Zarqa, Wadi Ara, Hadera and Be’er Sheva – where 22 people were arrested. Tragically, an Arab man was stabbed by a Jewish mob in the Jerusalem Shuk (open market). In Bat Yam, a mob of Jewish men pulled an Arab man from his car and beat him badly. He is in critical condition in the hospital. In the northern Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, a Border Police officer was shot and moderately hurt. Please continue to pray for Israel in these terribly difficult times! Please pray for all who have been wounded, for a full and speedy recovery. Lastly, please continue to pray that Israelis will find a way to heal the deep division in our country.

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