Oil Spill Environmental Terrorism?

Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister, Gila Gamliel, publicly stated that Iran is responsible for the oil spill that devastated Israel’s coast two weeks ago. While not an official statement, there is strong evidence supporting her claim. The ship is owned by a Libyan company and sailed from Iran to Syria. It reportedly departed Iran, and turned off its automatic identification system (AIS), which transmits its location to other ships in the area. It turned the AIS on as it went through the Suez Canal, and then off again as it approached Israel’s shores. Subsequently, the ship stayed within 10 kilometers of Israel’s shoreline for almost an entire day with the AIS off. The tar that washed up on Israel’s shoreline, killing much of the marine life, and causing millions of shekels of damage, is confirmed to be from crude oil. Please pray for swift justice for those who perpetrated this attack, if indeed, it is proven to be terrorism. Please also pray that Israel will be able to prevent further attacks in the future. Lastly, please pray that Israel will be able to quickly clean its beaches and rehabilitate the wildlife that was hurt.

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