October 22, 2013

Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups in USA Identified:  The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has published this year’s top ten anti-Israel groups in an effort to help people understand the danger that these groups pose to Israel’s security.  Two of the groups are Jewish, one of which is actually operating within Israel.  The threat to Israel’s security within the Jewish community is a sad reality, and we are seeing these groups become more influential in their efforts to delegitimize Israel.  Please pray for the LORD to reveal His purpose for Israel to all mankind, and for discernment for believers to know His will where Israel is concerned.  Lastly, please pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders as they have the tough job of facing an enemy within.  For more, see Anti-Israel Groups

US Considering Freeing Up Frozen Iranian Assets:  Although the Obama Administration promised Israel that they would not ease up sanctions on Iran, it seems they are moving in that direction.  The White House reported that they are considering allowing access to billions of dollars of frozen funds if the Iranians take specific steps to curb their nuclear program.  This is quite concerning for Israel, since it has been proven in the past that Iran cannot be trusted and continues to enrich uranium secretly.  Please intercede for the situation with Iran, that God will prevent them from attaining a nuclear weapon, and that the USA will not ease sanctions.  Please pray for strength and wisdom for Israel’s leaders in this difficult situation.  For more, see USA to Lift Iranian Sanctions?

Please continue to pray for the Body of Messiah in Israel as the time of the tribulation draws near; please pray we will be a great source of blessing to all Israel and that through our witness, many in Israel will come to know their Messiah.  Please pray for strength, courage, gentleness, and boldness in our witness to our neighbors who do not yet know Yeshua.

Thank you for praying! Have a blessed week…

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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