Israel’s Northern Neighbor

Although Israel, has been pouring a great deal of money and manpower into helping the distressed Syrian people, the Syrian government has saw fit to welcome the terrorist organization Hezbollah into their borders and even to allow Hezbollah to spy on Israel using drones operated from Syria. This past weekend involved such an incident.

Upon spotting an Iranian drone operated from Syria this past weekend, Israel immediately took out the drone and then took out 12 strategic military targets in Syria to ensure prevention of future spying efforts by the Iranians through their proxies in Syria. It should have come as no surprise to both Syria and Iran that Israel would respond to the drone espionage by taking out key targets in Syria, but Syria insisted on shooting anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli aircraft that ended up hitting an F-16 that was within the borders of Israel.

The anti-aircraft missile fire from Syria then set off missile sirens in northern Israel that left numerous civilian communities in Israel concerned that their safety was at risk and for good reason, the jet could have easily ended up in someone’s home. For this reason, this recent exchange with Syria has left Israel, Iran and Syrian in a precarious position that has everyone anticipating war. Moving forward, please join us in praying that God will show Himself strong in the midst of these on-going tensions.

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