New Terror Group Appears in Northern Samaria

A new terror organization, called the Tulkarm Battalion “Rapid Responders” has emerged in the North Samaria city of Tulkarm, following a massive IDF op which resulted in the death of 11 Palestinian gunmen. The Palestinian Authority, concerned about the spread of chaos throughout Judea and Samaria, attempted to apprehend the new militants, without success. Many of the residents of Tulkarm are also concerned about the terror group, fearing that it will harm the city’s economy and bring chaos.

Many new terror “battalions” have emerged over the last year, staging petty shooting attacks on IDF checkpoints and Jewish settlements (mainly for show).

These groups destabilize the Palestinian population and harm their already-fragile economy. They also pose a challenge to the IDF, who must divide their forces to meet each new threat as it appears and to apprehend those planning attacks.

Please pray for the dissolution of the “Rapid Responders,” and for the restoration of stability in Tulkarm. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for IDF officers and officials to act quickly and judiciously to curb these small terror organizations. Lastly, please pray for protection for the soldiers on the front lines and for the Jewish civilians in the area.

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