New COVID Wave

Israel is in another wave of COVID infections. The current strain responsible for the rise in infections is the new variant of  Omicron. The Health Ministry reported over 10,000 daily infections, which is the highest since April. The ministry ordered hospitals to re-open COVID wards as hospitalizations are rising. The number of seriously ill patients doubled in the previous week and now stands at 168. The number of hospitalized patients stood at 600 on Sunday, the highest it has been in months. Israel scrapped its mask mandate over one month ago, as well as required testing for departing and incoming travelers. There is speculation that Israel may bring back the indoor mask mandate, but little hope that Israelis will adhere to it. Please pray for healing for all who are infected. Please also pray for strength and renewal for Israel’s medical professionals, especially as many are exhausted and burnt out. Lastly, please pray for wisdom for officials in the Health Ministry as they face difficult decisions.

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