Netflix to Add Palestinian Film About the War of Independence

Netflix recently announced that it plans to add the 2021 Palestinian Arabic-language movie Farha to its online collection in 2023. This film was released at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2021, and depicts the experiences of a young Palestinian girl named Farha during the Israeli War of Independence, and while the film’s introduction claims that it is “based on true events” many critics claim that it would be more accurate to say that it is based on “true lies.” Other critics have called it “propaganda” and “fake news.” The film attributes inhumane and horrific war crimes to Israeli soldiers which we know historically did not happen, and in general presents a biased and distorted historical narrative that could be highly destructive for viewers who don’t understand what really happened in 1948. An Israeli watchdog group has started a petition to ask Netflix not to add the film. Please pray that Netflix will agree to remove Farha from their catalogue. Please also pray for discernment on the part of viewers, and a desire to understand both sides of the story!

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