Negev Forum Opens in the UAE

Israel and its Arab allies under the Abraham Accords meet this week for a three-day summit in the UAE to discuss regional cooperation and stability. This is a wonderful step forward in peace, and in an era when so many of the news are negative and disturbing, especially as regards Israel, it is important to celebrate where strides are being made.

The participating countries are Israel, the United States, Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE, and Morocco. Jordan is not participating in the summit, despite the fact that it also has a peace treaty with Israel. The goal of the summit is to build cooperation on a variety of regional projects, from increasing regional security, to ensuring food and water supplies, to fostering tourism.

Please pray for the success and productivity of this summit. Please pray for the continued building of relationship and cooperation on a personal level between Israelis and individuals from these Arab nations. Lastly, please pray for more Arab countries to follow suite and normalize relations with Israel.

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