National “Day of Equality”

Today, Thursday, the third “Day of Disruption” sweeps Israel in protest of the paused judicial reform bill, among other issues. The massive protests today are also being called a “day of equality” in an attempt to bring attention to mounting homicide rates in the Arab-Israeli community and generally high femicide rates. Protesters will block major highways and bridges, stage protests outside the homes of individual lawmakers and more. A conservative organization filed a complaint with the Supreme Court against roadblocks, saying that they pose a hazard to drivers and pedestrians.

This marks the 18th consecutive week of anti-reform protests throughout Israel and follows on the heels of a similarly massive pro-reform event in Jerusalem last week. The reform is currently on hold at least until the Knesset passes a national budget proposal. It is also partially dependent on the compromise talks taking place in the President’s residence in Jerusalem, between coalition and opposition lawmakers.

Please pray for safety for protesters and law enforcement today. Please pray for all those who must travel throughout Israel despite roadblocks and other hinderances. Lastly, please continue to pray for a viable compromise on the judicial reform bill.

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