Naftali Bennett is Israel’s 13th Prime Minister

Yesterday, Naftali Bennett was sworn in as Israel’s 13th Prime Minister, ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year premiership. The 36th Knesset began at 8:55pm with the support of 60 Knesset Members, while 59 opposed it. Ra’am (United Arab List) Member Saeed Alharomi abstained. Yair Lapid was also sworn in as Israel’s 14th Prime Minister, a role that he is slated to take up in two years. The new government was met with a mix of demonstrations both for and against it. Netanyahu will lead the opposition, but with his ongoing corruption trial, it could be a matter of time before he is forced to resign. Please pray for Israel as we enter this new season of government. Please also pray for our divided country, that we will seek understanding with one another, regardless of political affiliation. Lastly, please pray for wisdom for our new governing officials!

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