Muslim Religious Court Condemns Hamas

This week, a Muslim religious court issued a ruling, or Fatwa, that Hamas has broken Sharia (Muslim religious) law through their abuse of Gazan civilians. A representative explained that the court has seen the human rights abuses to which the Gazan people have been subjected under Hamas, and they believe it is their responsibility as Muslims to protect the weak. Hamas had a responsibility to look out for the Gazan people and they have not done so.

This is an incredible step towards holding Hamas, and not Israel, responsible for the horrific living conditions of Gazan Palestinians. Hamas funnels international aid dollars into terror instead of using the money to support Gazans, and they routinely use Palestinian civilians, including children, as human shields for their terror activities.

Firstly, please join us in giving thanks for this step in the right direction! Please pray that more and more the world will hold Hamas responsible for their horrific offences both against Israelis and against their own people. Lastly, please pray for the people of Gaza, who are truly held hostage by their own leaders.

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