Military Exercise in Northern Israel

Due to rising tensions with Iran, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) initiated a month-long exercise meant to simulate war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, is an Iranian proxy and receives much funding from Iran. Hezbollah often provokes Israel along our shared border in the north. There is concern that Hezbollah has heavily rearmed since the last war in 2006. Some estimates say Israel could be attacked with over 2,000 rockets per day in the even of a war with Hezbollah. While we have the Iron Dome system, it would be impossible to disarm that amount of rockets. Please pray for Israel’s protection from Iran and its proxies. Please also pray for wisdom for Israeli defense officials as they are constantly faced with difficult challenges and threats of war. Lastly, please pray for protection of the tens of thousands of civilians in Israel’s north.

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