Major Reopening of Education System

Israel’s Ministry of Education announced it is planning a major reopening of the educational system soon. Due to drastically falling rates of infection and high vaccination rates, Israel hopes to do away with learning capsules and the outdoors mask mandate soon. Currently, elementary-age children study five days a week in capsules. Middle schoolers and 9th & 10th graders study two days per week on campus, with the remaining days at home. The plan is to bring all grades back to the classroom five days per week, with weekly coronavirus testing conducted among students. This would be a very welcome change for Israel’s students! Please pray for wisdom for those making these tough decisions. Please also pray for parents who are in a tough spot wanting to protect their children, but also need to get back to work and other obligations. Lastly, please pray for more viable options to get our children back to school as quickly and as safely as possible.

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