Lebanese Terrorist Responsible for Bomb Attack

Last week, a mysterious explosive device blew up on the shoulder of one of Israel’s northern highways severely injuring a young man. While initial reports indicated that a terrorist might have planted the bomb, officials released very little information to the public about the incident.

The IDF revealed Wednesday evening that the terrorist crossed the border from Lebanon into Israel carrying the bomb, a suicide vest, and additional unidentified weapons. IDF forces successfully apprehended the terrorist after an extensive manhunt. Surprisingly, the Iranian-sponsored Lebanese terror group Hizballah did not claim responsibility for the attack.

Although the militant did not successfully execute a mass terror attack, it is extremely concerning that he was able not only to the cross the border heavily armed, but also travel much further into the country without being apprehended. The incident marks a serious oversight by security forces guarding the border.

Please pray for healing for the young man who was injured. Please pray for wisdom for IDF leadership in determining how to respond to the incident. Lastly, please pray that officials are able to determine how the terrorist entered Israel, in order to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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