Lapid Tasked to Form Government

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has tasked Yair Lapid with forming a government. Lapid is hopeful he can do so with the help of Naftali Bennett, with whom Lapid plans to share the premiership. Prime Minister Netanyahu failed to form a coalition by Tuesday’s deadline. Lapid has until June 2nd to succeed. If he does not, Israel will face an unprecedented 5th election. Lapid and Bennett announced they will hopefully form a new government in one week, but they face obstacles. At least one member of Bennett’s party quit in protest over Bennett joining forces with Lapid, who is a left-leaning centrist. There could be more members that follow suit. In addition, Lapid will need to do some serious back room dealing to clinch the required mandates to form a government. Time will tell if he succeeds. Please continue to pray for Israel during this trying season of political instability! Please also pray for wisdom for all parties involved, that they would put the people before their political ambitions. Lastly, please pray for a viable government to be formed soon and that Israel will avoid 5th elections.

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