Knesset Reconvenes for Summer Session

Monday, May 1, Israel’s Knesset reconvenes for its summer session. Over the coming month, two high-stakes debates will be taking place: one in the Knesset chamber over the budget proposal, and one in President Herzog’s residence over a judicial reform compromise.

The top item on its agenda for this Knesset session is to approve a national budget proposal by May 29th. If the Knesset fails to pass a budget, the government coalition will fall, sending the country back to the polls. Coalition members made several sacrifices given this reality, including an indefinite pause of judicial reform legislation. However, compromise talks will continue in parallel between the coalition and opposition. The ultra-Orthodox parties also agreed to place their IDF draft exemption bill for ultra-Orthodox rabbinical students on hold.

On the judicial reform front, since the discussions occur behind closed doors, very little information has been made available to the public. However, despite the continued divide in Israeli society, many Israelis remain hopeful that a compromise is imminent.

Please pray for the approval of a state budget by May 29th! Please continue to pray for a sustainable compromise on the judicial reform legislation. Lastly, please continue to pray for healing for Israeli society, which remains deeply divided.

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