Judicial Reform “Day of Disruption” Aftermath

Police arrested 73 protesters in demonstrations across Israel yesterday. Although over half of those arrested have now been released, the initial number, the highest yet in nearly 30 consecutive weeks of protests, shows their recent intensification. During the demonstrations, protesters blocked key intersections all over the country as well as the entrance to Ben Gurion Airport’s international terminal. Police responded with crowd dispersal methods, including water canons.

According to one interview, 15 protesters were hospitalized following police intervention, and many others were more mildly injured. Reports indicate that several police officers were also injured. Despite the severity of the protests yesterday, the coalition continues to pursue the secondary ratification of the controversial bill whose introduction sparked the demonstrations.

The majority of moderate Israelis care far less about the actual issue than about the inconvenience and division caused by the conflict. Unfortunately, the one thing that most Israelis would support right now – negotiations – is the one thing that politicians are unwilling to do. Instead, each side continues to dig in its heels, spread rumors about its opponents, and galvanize its base.

Please pray for healing for those injured in protests and for peace and protection over all of Israel during this complex period. Please pray for the resolution of this tricky issue through negotiation and compromise. Lastly, please pray for real and unifying leadership for Israel!

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