Jews Living in Peresecuted Regions

The great majority of Jews living in the “galut”, or Jewish Diaspora, returned to Israel in the first years and decades of the establishment of the State of Israel. Nearly 1 million Jews living in the Middle East and North Africa were expelled from their homes and escaped to Israel is the early years following Israel’s independence. Yet, there were still small remnants that remained in their countries of birth and made up the small Jewish communities. Many of these communities face hardships and persecution by the Arab governments and society. Even until today, Israel has always made huge efforts to make a way for any and all Jews from the Diaspora that wish to come to Israel. We have recently seen some of the last Jewish groups make aliyah from Ethiopia, Yemen and many other nations. We want to pray also for any of the remaining Jews living in the Diaspora, particular those who suffer persecution in their countries, for protection and a guiding hand by the Father. We also pray for those who God has drawn to come to Israel that the Lord will provide a way for them.

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