Israel’s Hospitals on Verge of Collapse

The Israeli health system is overburdened by the current load of hospitalized COVID patients. Between an abnormally high number of staff who are either infected or in isolation, and the large number of patients, there is concern that the hospital system will crash. Some hospitals have already started to refuse hospitalizing patients as a result. The Kaplan Medical Center was forced to close its gates to ambulances due to an overload of patients and a lack of healthy medical staff. Professor Yoram Weiss, director of the COVID ward at one of Jerusalem’s top hospitals, estimates that the wave of infections will subside towards the end of next week, but the relief in the hospitals will be felt only later. Please pray for Israeli doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators who are under an extraordinary load right now. Please also pray for full healing for all who are infected. Lastly, please pray for wisdom for Israeli officials as they address the problem of overburdened hospitals.

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