Israel in Focus – Israel’s Extreme Drought

There’s growing hysteria in Israel concerning our extreme drought conditions – and with good reason. Israel is entering its 5th year of drought, and with rising need for water, there’s real concern that there just may not be enough water to go around. While Israel purifies & recycles a whopping 87% of waste water for agriculture, and has invested millions in building desalination plants, there’s still not enough water for human consumption. The problem? Low rainfall consistently for the past four years, causing the Sea of Galilee (our primary fresh water source) to reach its lowest level since 1920. Underwater aquifers are so low that they are at risk for turning salty, as well. If Israel doesn’t get abundant rainfall soon, there could be irreversible damage to our fresh water sources, complicating an already difficult situation. Israel needs rain desperately! Only the Lord’s mercy can reverse this drought, so we cry out to Him to quench our thirsty land.

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