Israel’s Cabinet Set to Pass Budget

For the first time since 2018, Israel is on track to pass a budget. If successful, this would be a great victory for PM Bennett. Israel has not had a viable, working budget in over three years due to political impasses under former PM Netanyahu. By law, the budget must pass by November 4 in order to avoid new elections. In a speech given yesterday, PM Bennett said, “Passing the budget will prove the stability of the government and enable the ministers to work in their ministries, implement their plans and serve the public,” he said. “We are proving that this is a government that deals with helping the public and not with itself.” Please pray for a viable budget to be passed in order to avoid another round of elections. Please also pray that all members of parliament (Knesset) will set aside their differences in order to serve the people of Israel, and not their own political gain.

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