Israelis Struggling with Mental Health in Pandemic

The current lockdown has seen a sharp decline in the mental health of Israelis. Many people are reporting more instances of depression and anxiety due to forced isolation. Psychologist Dr. Mardo of Haifa University has reported a 300% increase in requests for psychological treatment. Parents and children alike are stressed, as are young singles who are without work. The financial burden is growing heavier every month, and distance learning has only added to those pressures. Children are reportedly experiencing more anxiety and loneliness because they are not able to see friends. Please intercede on behalf of Israelis who are really struggling in this season. Please pray for miraculous provision for struggling families & individuals. Please pray for opportunities for us to help one another, to remember one another through small acts of kindness, and to encourage each other in these tough times. Lastly, please pray for the rapid spread of the virus to end and for healing for all who are sick.

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