Israelis Protest Invasion of Ukraine

Israelis protested Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a few cities throughout the country. Israelis of both Russian and Ukrainian origin joined together outside the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv and the consulate in Haifa. Many dual-citizens of Israel & Russia burned their Russian passports in protest against Russian aggression in Ukraine. “As Israelis, we can’t stand aside”, said Ana Zrov, Chairman of the Israeli Friends of Ukraine association. “We are constantly receiving information of casualties and I can’t do anything about it, we’re helpless. That’s why we organized a protest”. Israeli Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, condemned the invasion. PM Bennett, however, did not condemn the invasion, but did acknowledge it. Please pray for peace in Ukraine. Please also pray for the protection of the Ukrainian people. Please pray for wisdom for Israeli leaders as they walk a tight rope with Russia, which is a hostile ally. Lastly, please pray that the peace of Messiah will rule in our hearts and minds, regardless of what happens around us.

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