Israelis Call on Germany to Cancel Netanyahu Visit

Tuesday, over 1,000 prominent Israeli authors and academics published a letter written to the British and German ambassadors to Israel, requesting the cancellation of Netanyahu’s planned visits to Britain and Germany. The appeal comes as part of the massive protest movement against Israel’s judicial reform proposal, undertaken by PM Netanyahu’s right-wing government. The protests continue to increase in severity as lawmakers remain unable to find broad consensus, and many have criticized Netanyahu’s choice to conduct visits of state during a time of civil unrest.

Be that as it may, the involvement of foreign authorities is dangerous because it gives the impression that Israel is not an independent, sovereign state, capable of resolving its own conflicts, and worse, that Israelis don’t see it as such. In any other situation, the call to boycott the state visit of an Israeli PM would be seen as part of the BDS movement. Coming from Israelis, this call is appalling.

Please pray that God would bring to Israel a renewal of unity and a reminder of what it means to be His people. Please pray for His protection and sovereignty over Israel during this time of unrest.

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