Israeli Rescue Mission Evacuates 200 From Ethiopia

After several weeks of worsening conflict in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, Israel sent a mission to evacuate around 150 Israeli citizens trapped in the area as well as several dozen Ethiopians eligible for Aliyah. The rescue mission landed safely back in Israel on Thursday; however, the evacuees are only a drop in the bucket. As the conflict persists, well over 4,000 Ethiopian Jews have submitted applications for Aliyah.

Sunday, Ethiopian Israelis arrived outside the Prime Minister’s office to protest the government’s lack of action. These Israelis would like to see a mass immigration effort to pull all of the Jewish residents out of the conflicted region. The Jewish identity of some of the applicants is disputed, likely leading to the government’s reticence to bring them to Israel. However, protest leaders say that the government still has a duty to these individuals who are still eligible for Aliyah.

Please pray for a smooth transition for the new immigrants who arrived to Israel Thursday! Please pray for safety for the Ethiopian Jewish community still caught in the crosshairs of the conflict. Lastly, please also pray for an immediate resolution of the conflict.

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