Israeli Judicial Reform on the Table

Israel, which has no constitution, is governed by its parliament, or Knesset, who has the authority to write and to amend laws. Traditionally, the Israeli Supreme Court has supplied one of Israel’s few checks and balances through its ability to review and appeal laws passed by the Knesset that it feels are not in keeping with Israel’s Declaration of Independence and Basic Laws.

New justice minister, Yariv Levin has published a proposed judiciary reform, whereby the Israeli Knesset would have the ability to override any Supreme Court ruling with a simple majority of 61 votes. This proposed reform would remove one of the only checks or balances built into the Israeli governmental system and would give any government essentially unlimited power to pass legislature provided they had that 61-seat majority.

Please pray that this proposed legislature would be struck down. Please pray for a spirit of justice among the members of the Israeli legislative bodies. Lastly, please pray for a renewed governmental vision that divides power and prioritizes the dignity of every Israeli citizen.

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