Israeli Healthcare System on Strike

Starting at 7am Monday morning, the Israeli healthcare system went on strike nationwide for 24 hours, excepting emergency rooms and a few other specific wards deemed necessary. The strike is in response to two recent attacks on doctors and hospital staff by patients and their families. The healthcare workers are demanding an increased security presence in hospitals and more severe punishments for those who attack staff members.

The Ministry of Health opposed the strike, saying that it changes the status quo for patients and could be dangerous; however, healthcare workers say that it is time for doctors and nurses to feel safe going to work. An escalation could ensue if the government doesn’t meet the hospitals’ demands.

Israel is not alone in facing an increase in hospital violence. Over half of US emergency healthcare workers report having faced some sort of physical assault while providing care.

Please pray that the situation does not escalate. Please pray for a practical solution to the issue. Lastly, please pray for the health and safety of both doctors and patients.

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