Israeli Drug Sees 100% Recovery of COVID Patients

Encouraging news is coming out of a trial of Israeli pharmaceutical company drug, “Amor-18”, for treatment of severe illness due to COVID-19. As explained by the company, Amorphical, the drug has the ability to modulate acidic pH changes around each cell. These changes affect the capability of the coronavirus to penetrate the cells and replicate. This allows the drug to prevent the virus from spreading, which keeps the patients from deteriorating. Eighteen patients with severe COVID participated in the trial – 100% of those given the drug completely recovered from the virus. Amorphical CEO, Yossi Ben, released a statement saying “The drug we have developed is anti-inflammatory, safe and effective and it is easy to use.” He also noted that “Amor-18” will work against all COVID variants. This is very exciting news! Please pray that more therapeutic drugs will be developed to treat COVID infections. Please also continue to pray for the current wave of infections in Israel, that it will slow down dramatically.

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