Israeli Cultural Divide

Over the last few months, the chasm dividing Israeli society has grown significantly, catalyzed by the dramatic events of the last election cycle. Issues like minority rights and judicial reform as well as the status of Judea and Samaria are tearing the country apart, and politicians care more about being right than about bringing unity. It is time to return respectful dialogue to the seat of government and to the public.

To this end, the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, announced his intention to turn the Presidential home in Jerusalem into a center for dialogue, education and mutual respect, that, if successful, will be available to all sectors of Israeli society. Two public figures have also come forward this week with plans for moderated judicial reform, which will offer both sides some, but not all, of their demands.

Please pray for the success of these initiatives! Please pray for humility on the part of Israel’s leaders. Lastly, please pray for a spirit of unity on the people of Israel.

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