Israeli Arabs Face Record Violence in 2023

In the first half of 2023, the Israeli Arab sector has seen more homicides than in the previous end of year statistics. 81 Arab Israelis have lost their lives so far this year, in non-terror related incidents, 17 in May alone. Much of the problem stems from illegal arms networks and criminal activity and has led to an overall feeling of insecurity for many Israeli Arabs.

The Israeli majority opinion that this is an internal issue for the Arab sector to deal with dissolved in the deadly 2021 riots which occurred in mixed cities like Lod and Ramle. Police now say that fighting the Arab homicide rate is one of their top priorities. However, current police leaders have not cultivated a positive relationship with Arab leaders; since cooperation is necessary for the resolution of this problem, trust is essential.

Please pray for a drop in Arab sector violence. Please also pray for improved relations between the Arab sector and police leadership.

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