Israel vs Iran – What’s Going On?

Iran has recently provoked Israel via its proxies in Syria and Gaza. It’s well known that Iran funds Hamas, which is the terror organization that controls the Gaza Strip; Hamas has been shooting random missiles into southern Israel again the past couple weeks, and Israel just destroyed yet another underground tunnel intended to infiltrate Israel in terror attack. It is also a well known fact that Iran is backing Syrian fighters, which many hold responsible for last week’s drone incident along the Israel-Syria border. Iran is seeking to become a more powerful agent in the Middle East, and they are doing so by financing terror groups who have become otherwise isolated by other Arab countries & groups in the Middle East. Iran makes it no secret that they wish to “wipe Israel off the map.” We would be wise to take them seriously, and not think this is a mere game of words. Israel’s government and military leaders are indeed taking the Iranian threat very seriously and are considering possible preemptive measures to keep Israel safe.

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