Israel to Join EU’s COVID Passport Program

Israel announced it will join the EU’s digital COVID passport program, beginning in October. This means that travel for vaccinated travelers between Israel and EU countries will be much easier. This will, hopefully, also help to reopen Israel’s locked tourism industry. The program gives Israelis access to the EU’s Green Pass, which gives entry to restaurants, cultural centers, and public institutions in accordance with the coronavirus guidelines in each country. It also means European travelers will enjoy the same benefits of Israel’s Green Pass. This, of course, presents certain challenges for those who cannot or choose not to be vaccinated. Many argue it borders on discrimination. Please pray for viable and fair solutions in order to reopen Israel’s tourism sector. Please also pray for wisdom for Israeli officials as Israel continues to battle the fourth wave of COVID. Lastly, please pray for all employed in the tourism industry who have suffered financially over the past year and a half without work.

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