Israel Strikes Key Terrorist Leaders, Braced for Retaliation

In the small hours of Tuesday morning, in a move that caught even key Israeli policy makers by surprise, the IDF hit three leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza. The three men were instrumental in the incitement and management of terror attacks, weapons and cash transfers, and more. Israel expects retaliatory rocket fire from the PIJ and possibly Hamas as well and has activated security measures in the Gaza border region in advance.

Authorities in Israel’s southern cities opened municipal bomb shelters and issued a series of safety precautions, including limits on group gatherings, cancellation of in-person learning, and more. Defense Minister Gallant approved the callup of necessary IDF reserves, mainly from the Air Force and intelligence units.

Over the last weeks, since the death of PIJ leader Adnan in prison and Gaza’s response, there have been some hints that Israel planned extensive military strikes against the terrorist enclave. This move aims to restore deterrence against Palestinian terrorist factions, who have lately become emboldened. The last major military confrontation between Israel and the Gazan factions occurred in May of 2021 and lasted 11 days.

Please pray for safety and protection over all civilians. Please pray for a restoration of deterrence. Lastly, please pray for wisdom, insight and precision for IDF and government officials in directing Israeli response and policy.

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