Israel Prepares for Memorial Day

Monday evening, a ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City will mark the beginning of Yom ha’Zikaron, or Memorial Day, which honors both fallen soldiers and victims of terror. Since Israel is a small country which has fought for its right to exist since its foundation, most Israelis have lost someone to war or terror. Yom ha’Zikaron is therefore a day that is personal and emotional, and that unites Israel in common grief.

Despite the solemnity of the day, many Israelis expressed concern that the current political climate in Israel (the protest movement against judicial reform is now entering its 16th week) would influence Memorial Day ceremonies and events. Several bereaved families of fallen soldiers requested that politicians not attend ceremonies at Israel’s military ceremonies, due to the current climate.

The IDF Chief of Staff, PM Netanyahu, Opposition leader Yair Lapid and MK Benny Gantz issued a joint request to leave politics outside of Memorial Day out of respect for the soldiers who gave their lives for their country, and for their grieving families.

Please pray for healing and comfort for the bereaved. Please pray for unity for the people of Israel on this day. Lastly, please pray for calm and safety throughout Israel.

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