Israel Mulling Scrapping Green Pass

Finance Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, joined the growing call to scrap Israel’s Green Pass program. The Green Pass allows only those who are either recovered or vaccinated to access many public programs, including eating indoors at restaurants, attending cultural events, and up until last week, being able to enter larger retail stores. Many people argue that Israel’s current wave of COVID, particularly new infections among recovered or vaccinated people, has rendered the Green Pass obsolete. “There is no medical or epidemiological logic behind the Green Pass, and many experts agree,” Lieberman tweeted. The Green Pass has prevented tens of thousands of non-vaccinated Israelis – many of whom are children – from being able to attend social gatherings. It never prevented anyone from accessing clinics, pharmacies, or grocery stores. Please pray for wisdom for the Israeli government as they decide what to do about the Green Pass. Please also pray for full recovery for all who are currently infected. Lastly, please pray that Israel will be able to emerge from this pandemic sooner than later!

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