Israel in the New Year

Just as the people of Israel are using this season of reflection in their own personal lives, we hope and we pray that the leaders of this nation are taking time to do the same for the country as a whole. We want to pray that Israel will be able to mend relations with the long-standing ally, America, after all of the tension that has built over the past few years, especially after Operation Protective Edge and the nuclear deal with Iran. There is much to pray about regarding the move forward with the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas as the stand still will not be tolerated much longer. We are waiting to see if the Palestinians will make a dramatic move in the near future. Also, the European Union is cracking down on their sanctions against Israel with aims to cause damage to the Israeli economy. There are many challenges facing Israel as she steps into this New Year and, thankfully, many positive opportunities as well. Please continue to pray with us over these many issues of security, economic stability, and political prudence in every aspect of this special nation.

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