Israel Handles Fallout After Settler Riots

Against the backdrop of ever-intensifying security threats from Iran and its proxies, Israel is also facing deteriorating relations with its Western allies, most importantly the United States. The White House announced this week that it would be cutting funding to academic and scientific institutions in Judea and Samaria. This is only the latest symptom of the tense relationship between Israel and the US, which has condemned numerous matters of Israeli policy in recent months.

The most recent cause of tension is the repeated Jewish vigilante attacks against Palestinian villages. The attacks, which occurred after the murders of four Israelis in a terror attack last week, resulted in the death of one Palestinian and the significant destruction of property. This is the second spurt of settler violence in response to terror this year, and senior Israeli officials are justly concerned that such attacks harm Israel’s moral high ground in responding to terror.

As public pressure increases on the Israeli government to rein in the wave of terror, it is crucial for the United States to stand with its ally, Israel. It is also crucial for Israel to present a united front and not turn a blind eye to criminal actions, regardless of the perpetrators.

Please pray for a solution to settler violence, which undermines Israel internationally. Please pray for a renewal of Israel-US relations. Lastly, please pray for Israel’s protection against threats both abroad and at home.

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