Israel Easing Restrictions

This coming Sunday, Israel’s economy will reopen with some restrictions still in place. Israel’s Coronavirus cabinet approved all shops, businesses, houses of worship and cultural venues to reopen. Gyms, cultural and sporting venues, hotels (without dining rooms), museums, and swimming pools will only be open to people who have received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine or who have recovered from COVID-19. In addition, in areas with a low infection rate, grades 5,6,11,and 12 will return to school. Grades K-4 already returned to school last week. Hopefully, middle schoolers and 9-10th graders will return in early March. Please continue to pray for Israel to wisely emerge from this pandemic. Please also pray for health for all Israelis, and healing for those infected. Lastly, please pray that Israel’s vaccine campaign will continue to gain momentum, and that we will have some relief from the virus spreading.

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