Israel is now entering the second week of war and preparations are ongoing for a coming ground offensive in Gaza. The IDF has told Gazan civilians to move out the area where the offensive is planned. Authorities have finally clarified that there are 126 Israeli hostages being held in the Gaza Strip, including women, children, babies and the elderly. This number could continue to fluctuate slightly.

Rocket barrages continue from Gaza – the total now is over 6,000 missiles – and sporadically from Lebanon as well. The latter fired over thirty missiles at IDF guard posts on the border over Shabbat and one rocket fired from Lebanon sadly killed an Israeli civilian in the Galilee and injured several others. Israel also continues to strike both fronts in response to aggression.

Sadly, blatant anti-Semitism has risen around the world in the wake of the attack last week. However, in terms of more positive international news, the United States and Great Britain have now moved multiple aircraft carriers into the eastern Mediterranean in order to send a clear message to Hizballah: do not get involved.

On Israel’s political front, another one-time opponent of Netanyahu joined the emergency unity government today.

Thank you for continuing to pray!

Please continue to pray for protection over Israeli civilians and over Israel’s soldiers and security forces. Please continue to pray for the wounded, the kidnapped and the bereaved. Lastly, please continue for wisdom and direction for Israel’s government and military leaders.

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