As we enter the sixth day of war, operational activity continues and Israel prepares for a long conflict. Current estimates say that over 1,300 Israelis have been murdered, over 3,300 injured, and around 200 abducted into Gaza, including women, children and the elderly.

Rocket barrages continue from Gaza. Direct hits in the city of Sderot, one of the areas hardest struck by the initial attack, seriously injured several Israelis, and moderately injured others. Around 500,000 residents of southern Israel have also been evacuated to safe locations, as the IDF continues to prepare the way for an imminent ground invasion of Gaza.

Wednesday night, sirens sounded across all of northern Israel, from Haifa to the Galilee to the Golan Heights. Headlines soon warned that unidentified enemy aircraft had crossed into Israel from Lebanon. However, the entire incident turned out to be a false alarm and is still under investigation.

Thursday afternoon, the IDF struck both of Syria’s international airports in order to prevent terrorists and weapons from coming into Syria from Iran. Unconfirmed reports say that an Iranian plane headed for Syria was forced to U-turn after the strikes.

The United States, Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany released a joint statement in condemnation of Hamas and in support of Israel’s right to self-defense. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also landed in Israel on Thursday for a meeting with PM Netanyahu.

Please continue to pray for protection over Israeli civilians and over Israel’s soldiers and security forces. Please continue to pray for the wounded, the kidnapped and the bereaved. Lastly, please continue for wisdom and direction for Israel’s government and military leaders.

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