Israel is now in its second week of war with Hamas. Tensions continue to escalate on Israel’s northern border as the IDF prepares for the coming ground offensive in Gaza. Israel has now notified the families of 199 hostages that their family members – including Israeli women, children, babies and the elderly as well as foreign nationals – are being held in the Gaza Strip.

Over 1,300 Israelis were murdered, many brutally. Over 3,800 Israelis have been wounded to date, many in the initial attack, but also many by the continuing rocket barrages from Gaza. Around 78,000 Israelis have also already been displaced since the beginning of the war and are now refugees.

Hamas has now fired over 6,300 rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians – and we’re still counting.  On Monday afternoon, Hamas fired long-range rockets on the Jerusalem area for the first time in several days, as well as at central Israel. The Israeli Air Force executed eight consecutive hours of airstrikes on Gaza overnight.

On the Lebanese border, the IDF is evacuating over twenty villages close to the border.

Please pray for protection over Israeli civilians and soldiers, especially those preparing to enter Gaza. Please pray for protection over those with PTSD from Israel’s previous wars, especially those who continue to serve in reserve units, as well as the soldiers and civilians who are now dealing with PTSD as a result of the terror attack and subsequent war. Lastly, please pray for wisdom for Israel’s government & military leaders.

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