Israel Approves Drug for Treating COVID

An Israeli study conducted in Haifa hospital, Rambam, found that drug MesenCure gets 88% of COVID patients out of the hospital. This highly effective drug controls the cytokine storm that is often lethal for COVID patients. Israel’s Ministry of Health approved using the drug to treat hospitalized patients in an expanded trial. The study found that many patients left the hospital after only one day of using the medicine and required no further medical treatment. This could be a game-changer in Israel’s fight against the Coronavirus, especially since the vaccines are proving to be less effective than hoped. It is also good news considering Israel has jumped to 6,000 new daily cases in this fourth wave of the pandemic. Please pray for full healing for all infected. Please also pray that this medical drug will continue to work effectively so that our hospitals do not get overwhelmed. Lastly, please continue to pray for strength, wisdom, and peace for all of Israel’s medical personnel in this tough time.

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