Israel and the U.N.

More and more for a number of years now, Israel has become the sole target for charges of violations for human rights and war crimes. Ironically, the very nations that sit on the boards of these indictment committees are mass violators of human rights themselves. One example of many, Iran and Sudan sit on the 45-member Commission on the Status of Women. A few weeks ago this committee issued a report that essentially singled out one nation for condemnation, Israel. The report did not include anything about Sudanese women and female genital mutilation or Iran’s policy of stoning women for committing adultery without trial. These are major global issues that need prayer. Please pray that this cycle of hypocrisy and double standards will come to light and be brought to an end. Pray for the body of UN and all their thousands of workers, that they will not fall to this disproportional view of Israel.

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