Israel Allows Fuel Transfer to Gaza

Israel announced that it will allow a transfer of fuel into the Gaza Strip. The fuel is intended for Gaza’s power plant. COGAT, the IDF’s liaison to the Palestinians, announced that, “The decision was made following a security assessment in that matter and approved by the political echelon, and is conditional upon the preservation of security stability…” The Gaza Strip has been under a blockade by Israel & Egypt since 2007, following the terror activities of Hamas in the area. The controversial blockade is meant to eliminate entrance of illegal items meant for terrorism against Israel & Egypt. Israel tightened import & export restrictions in May during the conflict with Hamas. Please pray that this fuel will be used for the intended purpose of providing much-needed electricity to the people of Gaza. Please also pray for wisdom for all those who continue to negotiate the current cease-fire agreement. Lastly, please pray that the people of Gaza will be free from the oppressive rule of Hamas so that they may finally be able to live truly free lives!


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