Islamic Jihad Threatens Attacks

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is threatening rocket attacks from Gaza in response to Israel’s operations in Jenin. Jenin is a terror hotbed in the disputed Samaria region. It is where the last terrorist who opened fire on Israelis in Tel Aviv last week lived. Hamas is reportedly trying to calm the tensions, preferring calm. Israeli officials say that Hamas is interested in keeping Gaza out of the current violence because the easing of restrictions by Israel has substantially improved the lives of residents there. Israel allows some 20,000 Gazans to enter Israel for work, which makes a huge difference for Palestinian civilians. Please pray that PIJ will not attack Israel with rockets. Please also pray that Israelis will be able to celebrate the Passover in peace. Lastly, please pray for protection over Israeli & Palestinian civilians during this time, and for the protection over Israel’s soldiers who are actively trying to prevent terror attacks.

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